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Since 1990, P.P.&C.  Progettazione Produzione e Commercio s.r.l. has been the only company in Italy designing and manufacturing Tamper Proof Maximum Security Systemsmarketed in Italy and abroad. These systems are manufactured using advanced technologies and with elements that act differently when subject to fraudulent actions, excluding any possibility of tampering with the protected property without being detected.

The validity of our systems has also had a strong moralising, deterrent and preventive vis-a-vis committing illegal acts in environments where they have been adopted .


P.P.&C. Srl. - Progettazione Produzione & Commercio S.r.l.

The validity of our systems has also had a strong moralising, deterrent and preventive vis-a-vis committing illegal acts in environments where they have been adopted .

For the design and assembly of the various Tamper Proof Maximum Security Systems designed and produced by P.P.&C. Srl, the company uses a 500 sqm property located in Via della Giustiniana No. 1120-00189 Rome.
Among its customers. the company counts all major sports federations and public and private entities operating in the following important fields:

  • F.M.S.I. (Italian Sports Medicine Federation)
  • F.I.G.C. (Italian Football Federation)
  • U.N.I.R.E. (National Union Increasing Equine Breeds)
  • F.I.S.E. (Italian Federation of Equestrian Sport)
  • CONSORTIUM OF PIEDMONT "Regional Doping Centre Alessandro Bertinaria"
  • Italian Ministry of the Interior
  • Office of the Prime Minister of Italy
  • Air force
  • Navy (3rd Military World Games, Catania 4 to 11 December 2003)
  • Carabinieri (Police)
  • Guardia di Finanza (financial police)
  • Ministry of Defence - General Directorate of Military Health
  • R.F.I. S.p.A. - Territorial Health Unit
  • State Police
  • Prison police
  • Department of Occupational Medicine and Forensic Toxicology "A. Gemelli" Department of Forensic Medicine - La Sapienza (Rome), Department of Medicine and Public Health - Bologna Department of Forensic Medicine - Milan ASL AL, ASL TO3, ASL TO4, ASL TO5, etc. Private Laboratories and Hospitals

Areas where they are used

    Checks performed in the emergency department of hospitals connected to 118 to ascertain the psycho-physical status of drivers of vehicles that cause traffic accidents - New Highway Code art. 186" Driving under the influence of alcohol " and art. 187" Driving under the influence of drugs " Testing for alcohol and drugs in the workplace art. 15 of the law 30 March 2001 no. 125 and art. 8 paragraph 6 of the Law of 5 June 2003 no. 131;
    Law of 30 March 2001, no. 130" Provision for cremation and scattering of ashes ".

    In addition, the maximum security system manufactured by this company is used for:

    • Spot checks by the Doping Supervisory Commission established by the Ministry of Health (provisions of Law 376 of 14 December 2000);
    • Checks organised by CONI;
    • Urine / Blood crosschecks.

    P.P.&C. s.r.l. has a testing office and an assembly workshop and, to validate its products, it has obtained positive certification from the following organisations:

    • Certified by Ministry of the Interior;
    • Certified by Ministry of Finance;
    • Certified by Ministry of Agriculture;
    • Certified by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications;
    • Certified by Istituto Poligrafico Zecca dello Stato (The Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute);
    • Certified by Istituto Sperimentale RFI - Dangerous Goods - Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato.
    • Official Gazette 146th year - Number 39 of 17/02/05 -Procedural rules for the conduct of doping controls and for the protection of health - Decree of 30 December 2004.

    The Company has obtained the Certification of Quality Management EN ISO 9001: 2008 for the following activities:

    • Design, assembly and sale of tamper proof maximum security systems for collecting and packaging samples ( BLOOD, SALIVA, URINE, MATRIX KERATIN and SUSPECT SEXUAL VIOLENCE) destined for laboratory analysis in the fields of anti-doping, food, harmful substances and addiction at the workplace or psycho-physical alteration resulting from the use of drugs and alcohol on the road;
    • Design and assembly of kits used for the transport of diagnostic samples pursuant to standard UN3373 and maximum security isothermal bags for transporting temperature-controlled samples.

    Sports Events

    • List of the main International and World Sports Events during which the CONI or the Organising Committee of the specific sport chose to use a system developed by PP&C:
    • Football World Championship Italy 1990
    • World Swimming Championship 1994
    • Military World Games - Rome 6/15 in September 1995
    • World Championships Junior Men's Volleyball in Manama (Bahrain) 21 to 2 August 1997
    • Water Ski World Championship - Milan 13/19 September 1999
    • World Cup Recetto - 5/6 July 2000
    • Water Ski World Cup - Milan 26/27 August 2000
    • Disabled Europeans Championships 28/7 - 3/9/2000
    • 37th World Military Fencing Championship 2000
    • World Championships Junior Men's Squash - Milan in July 2000
    • World Military Judo Championships - Ostia 20/28 November 2001
    • 23rd World Volleyball Championship 2001
    • Italian Championships Youth Italian Shooting Union - August 2001
    • Silent Olympic Championships - Rome July 22 August 1, 2001 IX Games of the Small States Of Europe San Marino 2001
    • 1st World Baseball Championship - Messina 2/11 August 2002
    • World University Canoe Championship calm water 20/22 September 2002
    • Italian Championships Youth Italian Union Shooting - Rome September 10, 2002
    • ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 21st Winter Universiade (University Olympics) TARVISIO 2003
    • World Fencing - Cadets and Juniors - Trapani 4/13 April 2003
    • World Rowing Championships - Milan 24/31 August 2003
    • IBSA European Road Running Championship - Soave (VR) September 20, 2003
    • World Cup Italian Shooting Union - Milano 2003
    • Military World Games - Catania 4/11 December 2003
    • Speed ​​Skating World Championships - Italy 2004 Abruzzo
    • Italian Youth Shooting Championship - Bologna 2004
    • 40th World Military Championship Fencing - Grosseto 1/10 April 2005
    • World Cup Competition, Italian Shooting Union - Milan 2005
    • European Volleyball Championship - Rome 04/11 September 2005
    • World Cup Alpine Skiing - Cuneo 2006
    • Italian Squash Championship - Milan 2006
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